Agriculture & Wildlife Fence.

Black Fern Fencing Offers High Game Wildlife and Electric Fencing

High Game Wildlife Fence.

Black Fern Fencing builds a long-lasting high-game fence that requires little to no maintenance. This fence is a great option for a low-maintenance, rust-free, and aesthetically pleasing barrier for cattle or horses. High-game fences remain sturdy year after year.

wildlife fence
wildlife fence

Electric Fence.

Looking to contain animals, and livestock, or keep predators out? An electric fence is a great solution. An electric fence works as a barrier that uses a metered, electric current to deter animals from crossing a boundary.

High Tensile Woven Fence.

Crafted with intricately woven high-tensile steel wires, this fence offers a formidable barrier against trespassers while enhancing the visual appeal of your property.  Elevate your security with our expert High Tensile Woven Fencing, striking the perfect balance between strength and style.

Perimeter Fencing
Perimeter Fence

High Tensile Wire Fence.

Engineered for strength and durability, our fence combines high-tensile steel wires with precision installation techniques, ensuring optimal protection against intruders while withstanding the test of time. 

Pipe Fence.

Professionally crafted from heavy-duty steel pipes, this fence provides unmatched durability and protection for your commercial property. Ensuring your business’s safety and security.

Perimeter Fence
Perimeter Fence

Wood Fence.

We offer many wood fence styles. Regardless of the size or style, Black Fern Fencing’s team can find the perfect solution for you. Post & Rail fence is a great choice. It uses less wood per foot than a full privacy fence, so it costs less to build.